Spider Vein Removal

spider-vein-removalJacqueline Michelle, RN, BSN has been doing spider vein removal since 2005 with great success. We use 2 lasers for different sizes of veins. No anesthesia or pain medicine is needed. Sessions are just 30 minutes.

Best Time of Year

We recommend starting early Fall with no tan or sun exposure on your legs.  You will need at least 3 treatments at 6 week intervals with no sun exposure or tanning creams during the process. This will have your legs looking great by Springtime!


Brief pulses of laser light target your veins. You can resume normal daily activities after treatment, except for aerobic exercise and consuming beverages that dilate vessels.  No compression stockings are needed with this procedure. Your veins will fade continue to improve over the next few weeks.


30 minute session is $425

Recommended Products to Enhance Your Treatment

I had spider veins really, really bad in my legs. I read an article in the paper about Laser Beauty & Skin Care and how they could remove them. So I made an appointment. The staff were so nice and friendly. Jacqueline was very kind, friendly, and careful to get all the veins. I am very thankful and pleased with the way my legs are looking and would highly recommend Laser Beauty & Skin Care to anyone who has a problem with spider veins.~ JoAnn Watson

I have had 2 treatments and I am pleased with my results. I have been treated very well and I enjoy coming to a relaxed atmosphere.~ Betty McCrackin