Sun Damage & Brown Spots

These conditions are broad terms that can range from a few brown spots that bother you to multiple brown patches with leathery skin and wrinkling. These conditions require a consultation to evaluate and recommend the best solution. These treatments are Great for Hands, Arms, Neck, and Declitae Area.

GentleLase Brown Spot Removal

  • Works Great for 1 or 2 annoying Brown Spots!
  • Fast and Easy. No Down Time. Heals Fast.
  • Price $75 per spot with one free touch up if needed. (touch must be done within a month of treatment)

bblBroad Band Light

  • The magic wand!
  • No down time
  • Skin Remains Intact while Brown Spots Fade
  • Repairs and Builds Healthy Skin
  • 2-4 Treatments Recommended
  • At least one Maintenance treatment per year Recommended
  • Price: $175 – $325. Large areas quoted.
  • Discount packages available


  • Lightens and Brightens Skin
  • Works well for mild browning
  • Must be done at least monthly on a consistent basis
  • Price:  $135 – $215 per treatment.
  • Discount packages and club memberships available