bowen-workChoose from one of the signature treatments or we can customize to fit your needs.

Basic Microdermabrasion with Oxygen

The crystal free Diamond Tome will leave your skin soft and clean. If done consistently, it can correct many imperfections. The unique process leaves your skin looking great!

Fast and Easy

  • Very good for fine lines, decreasing pore size, softening skin
  • Amazing results if done on a monthly basis consistently
  • Safe for all skin types and All Seasons
  • Really good treatment for maintaining results after Laser Treatments
  • Can be combined with laser treatments to enhance results
  • Works great for occasional acne breakout and acne related to sports

Join the Club! Pay $140 for your initial treatment, then $104 if done on a monthly basis.

We can treat the most sensitive of sensitive skin.

Advanced Medical Microdermabrasion

5 step process that was created to clean deeper than the Basic Microdermabrasion. The unique healing steps that are applied leave skin soft, radiant, and youthful.

  • Takes 45 minutes
  • Can be done before an event
  • Safe for all skin types and All Seasons
  • Good for maintaining results of Laser treatments and Face Lifts
  • Can be combined with Laser Treatments to enhance results
  • Cost is $195.

These are not just Facials, but a skin care treatment.

Amazing Algae Scrub

Works really well on Acne Skin. This is different from the traditional Acne treatments. We use a fossilized algae to treat the breakouts. I have seen miracles with this treatment in just a short time period. It is a 3 step process that takes 45minutes. Skin will be somewhat red after treatment.  Home care treatment is recommended as well as follow up appointments.


$125 per treatment for face. Other areas to be quoted.

Looking for a Relaxing Facial? Let us Create one just for You!

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Wow! I didn’t know my skin could look this good! The BBL treatments are reviving my skin and the Microdermabrasion treatments are pure heaven! Thanks Jacqueline, for making me such a young- looking grandma.~ Dana Sutton

I have been completing a series of BBL and Microdermabrasion treatments and I love the results! My skin texture has improved and the dark patches and redness are disappearing from my complexion. Plus, the Microdermabrasion treatments are a great way to feel pampered!~ Stacey Grigg

I have noticed such a difference in my skin since I had the Advanced Medical Microdermabrasion and the BBL. My skin is smoother, much of the redness is gone and my skin tone is even. Thanks, Laser Beauty & Skin Care!~ Phyllis Randall