About Us

Jacqueline Michelle, RN, BSN, CLT


My passion is making a difference in the lives of people. And I have enjoyed business ever since I was 9 years old selling Girl Scout Cookies! I started Laser Beauty & Skin Care Inc. in 2001 off a shoestring budget. My business has been successful through 911 of 2001 and the Recession of 2008. I believe it is because we are affordable and our clients are loyal to us.

I received my training in lasers at Rocky Mountain Laser College in Denver, Co. I have attended many certification workshops for skin care and laser treatments over the years. I am also a certified Bowen practitioner because I have a gift for healing.

Dr. R. David Cannon is our medical director. I have known him since 1995 and even worked with him for 6 years in his pain management center as his nurse. He and his family are wonderful people and continue to support Laser Beauty & Skin Care.