Acne/Acne Scars

Laser Beauty & Skin Care has Great Success with Acne because we have a system called the Amazing Algae Scrub. This is unique to the area and different from the traditional acids and drying agents.

Laser Beauty & Skin Care also has the latest technology in softening and repairing Acne Scars and Acne Discolorations.

acne-scrubAmazing Algae Scrub

  • Amazing on cystic acne
  • Scrub Treatment Safe for all skin types
  • Professional Treatment in Office is followed by Home Care Treatment
  • Home Care Kit $160
  • Professional Treatment $100 for face. Quotes given for other areas.



  • Works great for occasional acne breakouts & acne related to sports
  • Medical Grade Oxygen with Acne Fighting Essential Oil infused into treatment
  • Fast and Easy
  • Best Seller is our Basic Microdermabrasion with Oxygen
  • Club Price: $135 then $99 for monthly treatments

Broad Band Light

  • A Magic Wand for acne scars and discolorations!
  • Repairs and Rebuilds Skin Texture
  • 4 treatments required
  • Kills bacteria to prevent breakouts
  • Price $225 – $325 per treatment. Discount packages available.


  • Works great for deep pitting acne
  • Softens and Rebuilds Skin Texture
  • More than 3 treatments needed depending on severity
  • Price can be quoted per area of scarring
  • Full Face is $500/treatment. Discount packages available.

Prices may vary depending on the area(s) treated